Welcome to the Arena of Historical Turkish Oil Wrestling

Hello Everyone,

“Welcome to the Arena of Historical Turkish Oil Wrestling”

Yağlı Güreş is a passion.. a lifetime profession.. and is the way of beign Efendi (more than beign gentleman). Oil Wrestling (in Turkish means Yağlı Güreş) is a historical sport branch contiuned over 6 centuries.  It is a very popular game all over Turkey. Pehlivan is the sportsman of Yagli Gures.

We, as Namık Erdem KAYA, organize tournaments, sponsor Pehlivans, produce “lovely genuine leather pants: Kıspet and, all accessories of Yağlı Güreş, shoot films, photos and all media, magazine, portal, blogs and etc. Yağlı Güreş will be on rise at international commonsense by our little but passionate efforts.

“Allah Allah İllallah” is our motto. Means: God Oh God The Unique. (Or Lord My Lord The Ever Unique). I belive that this motto is universal. Motto originates from Islam and send references to Islam’s God Believe but all humans believe somehow to a superior / para / jus power so Allah (may some differences occur) is the only unique word that can be united on. This motto may disturb some people or some beliefs but please forgive us we do not want to invade your religious departments in your brains / hearts we only declare what we believe. Yağlı Güreş is intensively related with this believe.

On the other hand; Yağlı Güreş has some wrong consideration in abroad countries. These are totally nonsense thoughts!

Namık Erdem KAYA designs innovated Kispets, state-art-of traditional kispets. Male .. Muscle .. Kıspet triology is also shown at our logo. Namık Erdem KAYA’s first goal will be exhibiting Kıspet Collection show at international fashion weeks.

Regards to all

See you on çayır (the ground) at Yağlı Güreş Festivals

23 Nov 2016, Ankara

Namık Erdem KAYA

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